Let me start by saying if you have any corrections to my method, feel free to post them.

First, you need three accounts at approximately the same level.  One is your bank (the money man we call it).  The second one is your list account.  This is the one that you will hitlist with the amount you want to transfer.  The third account is the catch account.  This is where you want the money to transfer to.  This one should be strong enough to catch the bounty.  The list account has to be at or higher than the catch account.  The bank has to be no more than twice the level of the list account.
Step 1:  Save up enough money to transfer with your bank.  You dont need anything but money on that account.
Step 2:  You want to lower the health of your list account so you wont have to attack more than once or twice to catch the bounty.
Step 3:  Open your catch and bank accounts in separate browsers.  I recommend using Firefox ( for the catch and Flock ( for the bank.
Step 4:  Navigate to the list account on both browsers.  You need to have them both synchronized for this to work properly.
Step 5:  Using the bank, set the bounty on the list account with whatever you feel comfortable transferring.  Don not try to list with all of it at once.  You may lose the transfer.
Step 6:  With your catch account, start attacking AS SOON AS THE BOUNTY IS PLACED.  This is the most important step.  If you hesitate for even a second, you will lose the transfer.
Step 7:  Repeat as necessary. Remember, this takes practice and patience to be good at.   


The first thing you will need to do is spend about two days adding people before you start the mobster account. Use to do this. Once you have about 500 friends start the account and get the account to about level 10 then do a money transfer to the account of about 1 bill to buy weapons and other equipment. Then make an account that you can keep at about the same level as your rider (this is easy to do because riders grow very slowly.) Hit list the account and be prepared to have your mouse on the heal button.

Where to put skill points: Defense and health. Never get your health above 300 or you will die more quickly. PUT EVERYTHING YOU DON'T PUT ON HEALTH ON DEFENSE.

P.S. Never put skill points on anything but defense and health.


If you want to get your income up fast, buy your properties in bulk (up to 200 at time).

Go to and log in with your Myspace user account.

After you have logged in, check the boxes next to "Withdraw money to cover purchases" and "Purchase required land if needed" and click on Refresh.

Now jut start at the property that has Best Buy next to it and buy as many as you can afford (maximum of 200 at a time).

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