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Tired of fighting one against fifteen? well now you dont have to BOA (Brotherhood ofAssassins) is recruiting new members we are a big crew looking for bad a$$ mobsters if thats you then come to our chat

Are you new to mobsters and have no clue how to make your mobster the best it can be? Well look no further we are BOA (Brotherhood Of Assassins) we have plenty of experienced mobsters that would love to help you get your mobster to its full potential if this sounds like a plan then come to our chat

Join the Brotherhood Of Assasssins we are the newest and fastest growing Family we will bring you to the top of mobsters we are STRONG willed
Loyal Trustworthy Badass and Fun if you want to be in the next big Fam in mobsters hit us up at CYA there

We are Family... We are Friends... We are KILLERS... We are the BoA. Want family, protection, friends and fun? We got it all. We are dedicated mobsters that value 'real life' as well as having fun stomping mobsters. Join us today!
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